Sunday, June 5, 2016

Wives of Sex Offenders - A Place to Share

Wives, girlfriends, partners, siblings, parents . . . whoever you are, if you have been shocked to learn that someone in your life is a sex offender, please share your story in the comments of this blog post. I also strongly encourage you to read at least one other person's story and give a supportive reply to them. 

Before you share your story please read these guidelines:
  1. Be respectful to each other (and yourself!). There are many types of stories and many types of decisions made. 
  2. Do not make excuses or try to explain the crimes committed. This is your story, not theirs. 
  3. No victim shaming or blaming shall be tolerated.
  4. Child abuse of any kind is detestable. If you don't agree with that statement please find another blog to share on. 
I am a warm, kind person, but if you can't follow my guidelines I will give one warning before coldly deleting your comments. Except there will be no warning for breaking #4. I hope you understand.