Saturday, July 6, 2013

Share your story with me

I don't know what kind of magic has been working lately, but I'm starting to get some actual activity on this blog! Holy cow, I'm not talking to myself . . . which makes me a little more self-conscience. But excited, too.

So I want to ask a question of other people going through similar situations - do you want to share your stories on this blog? I'm not sure how this would work, so let's play it by ear. Send me something in a decent blog length, maybe somewhere between 300 and 2000 words that you want to share. It could be your whole story or just a piece of it or your opinion on some piece of this nasty puzzle we are all trapped in.

I may not print everything that is sent to me or I may just print a part of something. I withhold my right to pick and choose. I promise I won't censor based on whether or not I agree with you. Variety is good, it will be welcome! Emotions will be welcome. Anything that will hurt other readers here will not be welcome.

You may use your real name or a pen name or just go by Anonymous. I will make it very clear that it is a guest blog and give credit to the name you want to go by.

Send your stories to

I'll be waiting!
(And, as always, I encourage you all to start your own blogs. The more of us talking, the less scary this all will be)