Friday, December 12, 2014

Gracepoint is just one more case of Mother Failure "The Mother should have known" / "knew all along"

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Creating and confirming prejudice  

I have followed the series Grace Point everyweek through all the episodes...(never saw the English version) Toward the end I fugured out it would come down to Joe Miller and sex. 

But in the end I was blown away at the amount of suspicion directed toward Ellie Miller's (mother) character because  the writers went right on into "Blame the mother" mode. I guess I hoped the writers wouldn't just take the lazy way out. 

But in the end Gracepoint (a fairly exciting murder mystery)   takes the conventional way out. It plays right into all too well established Prejudice against mothers, against the wives of sex-offenders.  (don't they always say: the mother was right there, how could she not have  known?)
And now the hurtful prejudice is re-established by a TV series viewed by millions of Americans. 

Talk about confirming public prejudices about working wives.

When the mother has a demanding job (like Ellie) then, they say,  She should have been more "attentive" to her husband's "needs" even if all he really "needed" was sex with some little boys...

So...the guy who is the pedophile is a (sort of) self sacrificing "hero" for taking blame in order to cover up for his son (who, you guessed it, was angy at the father because...) Meanwhile the mother "who should have prevented everything all from happening in the first place (if she had only been a good wife, a better mother) somehow gets hung out to dry at the end??? 

It figures. 

But it still hurts.