People I Commonly Mention

Evie - myself, was married to Jake at the time he was arrested for sexually assualting a minor, now divorced, our two children are Elise and Sabrina.

Jake - sex offender, former teacher, currently in prison for charges of sexual abuse and attempted sexual abuse on a minor by a person in a position of trust. He was originally charged in 2011 with attempted sexual abuse of a minor and sentenced on that charge by the end of 2011. At the start of 2012, another former student brought charges against him. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison for all counts. He has no contact with our children.

Elise - our first daughter, born in 2008, she remembers Daddy and still asks about him sometimes

Sabrina - our youngest daughter, born Jan 2011, she was three weeks old when Jake was arrested. She is blissfully unaware.

TP - Jake's treatment provider before he was sent to prison

PO - Jake's probation officer before he was sent to prison, The Hammer

Big Rev - Jake's father, a former reverend

Kay - Jake's mother

The DA Investigator - a hated figure in my life.

Umbridge - the social worker that took me to court to fight for my children and my reputation as a good mother, also a hated figure in my life, I try not to hate all social workers because of one detestable character.