Catch up on my story

If you're new to this blog, you should read this post and it's sequel. Those tell the story of my initiation into the "Wife of a Sex Offender" club.

After his initial arrest in January 2011, Jake was sentenced in November 2011 for Attempted Assault on a Minor by a Person in a Position of Trust (that part is for touching his student) and for Sexual Exploitation of a Child (the second part is for the child pornography). He was given a one year sentence in jail with work-release followed by ten years probation.

February 2012, Jake was arrested again for an older and more serious case of abuse on a student. His original work-release option was revoked while he was being held in jail for the new charges. Ironically, without work release his first sentence was shortened to 90 days and he was held long enough on the second charges that the court declared it "time served" on the first sentence. May 2012, Jake made bail. He wore an ankle monitor and only left his parents' home to go to the sex offender treatment each week.

In August 2012, I left Jake's hometown in Colorado where we had lived as a family to move back to my hometown in California.

Jake was sentenced in Dec 2012 to 8 years in prison for combined counts of sexual assault and attempted sexual assault. He might get out in 6 years for good behavior.

April 2013, our divorce was finalized. 

I know that Jake has more victims out there. I told him that I couldn't support him or have any sort of relationship with him as long as they are out there. I suggested he give their names to the court to save us all grief and prove to me that he can do the right thing. I'm pretty sure that won't ever happen.

In the meantime, I'm moving on with my life. But that doesn't mean the drama ever stops.