Sunday, May 29, 2016

Evie Pruett, where have you been?

I have been living a full and happy life. That's the biggest and best reason that I was away for so long. I have a life again and it is - get this - NORMAL. My daily complaints consist of trivial things like messy rooms and forgetting to pack lunch for work. I have been sleeping peacefully during the nights, which also really cut into my blogging time. This is some kind of dream come true, right?

I also have a not-so-great reason for disappearing. I became intimidated by my own blog. I realized that a lot of women were coming here for help. I wanted to help, so I made an effort . . . and then I chickened out (I've thought about it a lot and "chickened out" is the best way to put it). I could try to explain it more, but I don't want to waste any more time.

In short, I'm back. But what does that mean? Time is a scarce resource for me. This blog has to fit in my life somewhere after family, friends, work, after-school activities, and volunteering. I want to be upfront that I cannot be a consistent, predictable blogger. My goal is to be simply present. I will blog as I can. I will respond to comments as I can. In the long run, I want to modify the blog to give a better sense of community . . . but if I psych myself out with goals that are too big, I will disappear again.

So this is my modest start. I hope to talk to you all again soon.